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Dear parents,

We live in a time where there is no escape from technology. Our mobile phones, tablets and laptops have become a significant part of our lives. Many jobs have and will continue to become automated. Technology has served us well, as we are now able to perform many tasks conveniently. Reputable tech companies (think along the lines of Google, Facebook) are also constantly looking for software engineers, and are paying them top-notch salaries.

I am offering coding coaching for children aged 7 and above. (For kids in preschool, I will do one or two trial lessons first to check their suitability.) The curriculum is suitable for school-going children of all ages, even up till secondary school or JC. Your child will be dealing with actual code (like Python), and learn the principles of how code works on the computer. On top of that, they will also get to pick up problem solving skills, and appreciate the thought process when writing code. Through my guidance, they will become organised problem solvers, as well as acquire strong knowledge of how a computer works.

My lessons will be tweaked according to your child’s knowledge from the start, as well as their learning pace. I also highly encourage parents to provide support at home and revise together with your children. (If you would like to sit in with your child during lessons, that is also fine with me!) I will also adapt the lessons based on your goals in mind. For example, learning problem solving, making websites, writing apps, etc. I will take it step by step and lead your child towards being good problem solvers. Then eventually become independent coders.

About Me + My Qualifications

It all started when I was in JC and picking my subjects. Someone told me that since I loved solving math problems, I would love coding too. So I chose Computing in JC. Back then, I learnt C++. I went on to graduate from the School of Computing, NUS, with a second-upper class Honours back in 2007. Since then, I have been in academia. Started with research and teaching NUS students, then teaching students in the polytechnics. Meanwhile, I also do my own side projects involving coding (and a lot more). I have been teaching for at least 8 years, and have enjoyed it immensely.

To understand more about how I feel about learning coding and what you should take note of, check out this post!

If you would like to give your child a good head-start in coding, check out the details below.

Lesson Details

Age Range

7 & up (The curriculum is suitable for school-going children of all ages, even up till secondary school or JC.)

For pre-school children, I will do a couple of trial lessons to gauge their suitability. Same rates apply for trial lessons.

Lesson Duration

1.5h – 2h*

*I recommend that students try 1.5 hours for their first few lessons, and I will assess their suitability to increase the duration to 2 hours.


$80 – $100 per student per hour

Bring-your-friends special rate:
Get 20% off when your child invites their friends along to learn with them! All students in the group will receive the discount.
Limited to 3 students in a group.

**Please note that laptops will not be provided. Students must use their own laptops. Windows or Mac OS are both fine, but must be updated. Laptops must also have reasonable specifications to handle running the code (not too laggy or hangs randomly).

Home environment must also be equipped with WiFi to facilitate some parts of the lessons.

I will provide all other materials.

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To allow me to understand your child’s need and cater to them as best as possible, please answer the questions in the form as detailed as you can. I will contact you via WhatsApp to arrange a suitable time for the lessons within 24 hours.

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If you have any questions, feel free to send them in here.

***Note that all information provided will be kept private and will only be used for this purpose. Thank you for your interest! 🙂